Imprint of Conflict 1 - Swifty, acrylic on linen, 213.5x183cm, 2012/13



an art project by Richard Pomeroy


My work involves making impressions of my body in paint. I lower myself, using a rope, onto canvas covered in wet paint. I'm on the paint for a maximum of a minute, leaving behind a detailed impression of me. When that's dry I stretch it up on a frame and use it as a starting point for a painting. The body print is surprisingly detailed and has a powerful presence - you feel the person is right there in the picture.

Inspired by soldiers wounded in battle and the Bravo 22 theatre group I will create a set of body prints of people whose bodies are profoundly different due to injury. The body prints will enable viewers to experience an intimacy with the models.

Today's society has low tolerance of bodies that stray from the norm. The result is an obsession with the body beautiful leading to anorexia, bulimia etc. Those with different bodies suffer from that low tolerance. My paintings will challenge stereotypical views of the body and demonstrate that 'out of the ordinary' bodies can produce beautiful , powerful and striking images and an impressive exhibition that will enhance the image of disability and make the models proud.

The exhibition will also be a celebration of survival and modern surgery. Recent improvements in getting wounded to medical staff faster and in surgical techniques mean that many more survive. These are paintings of survivors - each with an extraordinary tale to tell.

The models will be involved in the creative process: to decide what pose to adopt, what clothes to wear - it's a chance to express themselves. Fluffy clothing, eg wool and fleece, do not make good images; cotton, woven acrylic or nylon, corduroy, jeans material etc do. Zips, pockets and straps look great. I will have a hoist for those who would find it difficult to get on and off the canvas. The paint washes off easily under a shower.

I will organise exhibitions in London and Somerset for the resulting paintings to be sold, raising money and public awareness for charity.

I'm looking for volunteers to be models. If you are up for it please contact me via the website.

The following photographs are of bodyprints I made with Darren Swift - 'Swifty' - who lost both his legs and two fingers in a terrorist attack in 1992.




Swifty, acrylic on linen, 213.5x183cm, 2012

Swifty, acrylic on linen, 213.5x183cm, 2012

Swifty, acrylic on linen, 213.5x183cm, 2012

Swifty, acrylic on linen, 213.5x183cm, 2012